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Our focus

Iristone Consulting helps emerging economies grow by developing infrastructure projects. Our work drives economic development and helps countries reach their full potential.

Iristone Consulting is focused on developing infrastructure projects in emerging economies, particularly in Africa. We recognize the importance of strong infrastructure for economic growth and sustainability. By partnering with governments and businesses in emerging countries, we aim to help these economies reach their full potential. For example, we've seen firsthand the transformative impact that infrastructure development can have on a country like China, which has experienced rapid economic growth due in part to its focus on infrastructure development. 

At Iristone Consulting, we want to be a driving force in this positive change and make a lasting impact in emerging economies through our work on infrastructure projects.


The Problem

  • Poor quality of existing infrastructure

  • Lack of transport's infrastructures

Our Solutions

Iristone implements rehabilitation and upgrading programs for existing infrastructure, as well as assists in the construction of new infrastructure that meets the needs of local populations and businesses. Additionally, we work with governments and local authorities to plan and implement long-term infrastructure projects to ensure sustainable economic growth.

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